The Tustin Chapter

In 2012, the Tustin Chapter received a charter and launched with 40 young men and their mothers.  The Tustin Chapter is open to young men and their mothers, currently enrolled as freshmen, sophomores or juniors in schools in the Tustin Unified School District, along with Servite High School, Mater Dei High School and Orange Lutheran High School.

During the young man’s four years of membership, they are introduced to a comprehensive educational program with guest speakers, practical training and direct involvement in four areas.

Membership in the organization requires a sponsor and applications for membership are accepted only during a specified period of time during the year.  Click HERE to contact us for more information on the membership process.

  • LeadershipOur young men are encouraged to serve in at least one leadership role during their membership.  They are encouraged to explore new ideas which focus on character development, responsibility, and accountability.
  • ServiceOur young men have the opportunity to serve the organization of their choice.  Our hope is that they embrace service and find this work rewarding and important in their daily lives.
  • Culture - We believe there is significant value in exposing our young men to cultural activities to encourage the growth of a well rounded gentlemen through the promotion of literature, music and art.
  • Protocol  - Another essential component of our program is helping prepare our young men to be adept in social etiquette.  They are presented with knowledge and training to develop skills and confidence that will serve them well in the future.

We have served over 20 community service organizations, including Operation Warm Wishes, The Book Doctor,  Coast Keepers, Irvine Marine Adoption, Tustin Rotary Club Lobster Fest, Tustin Public Schools Foundation and many others.